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One Year in “Offense City”: MoLo’s Nashville Office Celebrates its First Anniversary

To most people, Nashville is known as “Music City,” but to MoLo, their little slice of the 615 is more often referred to as “Offense City.” 

That mantra, which permeates the attitude and work ethic of the Nashville team, came about in the early days as the team spent their nights together in the new office trying to win business and find ways that they could continue to improve the customer experience. 

The ‘Offense City’ mentality is about attacking everything that you do: your daily work, a new challenge, and holding a teammate accountable. It means taking everything that comes your way head-on.” Kevin Berardini, Customer Sales Manager said. “Very few people ever get to be a part of building something bigger than themselves. Whether you are in Nashville or Chicago, that’s the opportunity that exists at MoLo, and we go after it with everything that we have.

Several cities were considered for MoLo’s expansion, but the quickly-growing, vibrant, and engaged community in Nashville made it the perfect fit for a new office. 

While visiting office locations the team fell in love with L&C Tower. In the heart of downtown, the location is perfectly-suited to host customers, carriers, and provide easy access to all that the city has to offer employees. After five months of planning, designing, and building, the office opened its doors one year ago today, on April 7, 2021.

Since then, the small team of about ten has more than quadrupled in size, with outstanding people joining customer sales, customer operations, and account management—with the aggressive hiring plan continuing into year two.

Their “Offense City” mantra not only exists in the mentality of the Nashville team—and written on a cardboard sign inside the office—but also in their results. In their first year, Nashville exceeded all expectations and brought in more than four times their projected revenue. 

The opportunity to help replicate the culture of MoLo in Nashville, while watching our team grow as contributors and as leaders has been amazing.” Said Ryan Dent, VP, Yield, and head of the office, about what the highlights of the last year in Nashville have been for him. “Thinking about what we’ve accomplished in this first year is awesome, but the best part of it all is the team we’ve assembled. Everyone is bought into the vision and willing to hold each other accountable while maintaining a fun environment.”  

That sense of community is palpable when you visit the Nashville office, talk to anyone who works there, or even just read their office Slack channel. They have accomplished incredible things in their first year. But when you’re in “Offense City,” your first year’s accomplishments are just the fuel to do even better every single day—and they’re just getting started.