MoLo Solutions Named Brill Inc.’s 2021 Broker of the Year - MoLo

MoLo Solutions Named Brill Inc.’s 2021 Broker of the Year

MoLo Solutions was recently named Brill Inc.’s 2021 Broker of the Year! In another year filled with global uncertainty, the MoLo team continued to not only rise to the challenge, but go above and beyond, providing unparalleled service to our customers.

Being named Broker of the Year doesn’t come without hard work or patience, and the Brill account is a perfect example of why. Stephan Mathis, Enterprise Sales Director, first spoke with Brian Wnuk, Director of North American Transportation for Brill’s parent company, Rise Baking Company, in the Spring of 2020 and was told throughout the summer that they didn’t have the need for new brokers. It wouldn’t be until January 2021 that the MoLo team was winning about 25 loads a month for the bakery ingredients manufacturers. 

Over the course of the year, the MoLo team continued to win mini bids and score in the 90th percentile on Brill’s weekly scorecards—even delivering to locations as well-known  as Walmart. Brill was especially impressed by Customer Operations Specialist Brianna Rendell’s relationship-building and transparency with their team, and their planners regularly took note of MoLo’s level of communication, service, and reliability. One Brill planner, Ashley, said that it seemed like The MoLo team had been in their network forever, and that “y’all came in the game ready to play!” 

Proof of MoLo’s flexibility and strength came mid-year, when the entire Account Management group and operations team had to switch out. Brill expected it to be a hurdle, but the transition was seamless and MoLo didn’t let the customer feel the impact of internal adjustments for a second.

 “You’re reliable. We’re thankful for the commitment MoLo has shown for us” — Brian Wnuk, Director of North American Transportation

The expectations for the team on the account were set early on in the relationship. “Our intention was to win the broker of the year.” Stephan said about his initial conversations with Brian. “I wanted to set the growth plan and customer strategy, collaborate with their team, and follow through on our commitments. This award symbolizes what it means to be MoLo.”

A huge congratulations to everyone who clearly put in the work and deserves this incredible recognition! The award-winning team is comprised of Brianna Rendell, Customer Operations Specialist; Max Dichtl, Customer Operations Specialist; Hani Harstad, Manager, Customer Operations; Nick Todoroff, Account Manager; Tommy Dillion Manager, Strategic Account Development; and Stephan Mathis, Enterprise Sales Director.