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MoLo Music City: Why Nashville is the perfect match for MoLo

With the opening of our Nashville office right around the corner, we wanted to dig into how it came about. Kevin Berardini, Customer Sales Manager, moved to Nashville just a few weeks ago to begin building out the new office.    

What drew you to this opportunity in Nashville?  

 One of the most unique things about Nashville is the combination of the resilience and creativity of the community itself. People move here with hopes and dreams of making a name for themselves, which is essentially what we’re setting out to do as well. 

We’re taking a different approach with our business and working to change the way the industry has always operated, and I see that same spirit as part of the fabric of Nashville, too. I’m so excited to be part of that and to continue to build our Nashville office around the people who want to make an impact on our community and our industry.

Why do you think Nashville is the best next step for MoLo?

It was important for us to find people and a place that would represent the core values that we’ve built our business around: respect, service, family. For us, Nashville is at the heart of those tenents. In the last year, we’ve really come to understand how crucial it is to take care of one another, and the community in Nashville embodies that.

What are you most looking forward to for MoLo in Nashville?

  I’m thrilled about the chance to introduce Nashville to the intensity and the momentum of the Chicago office. We’ve spent 4 years crafting that and building upon the standard for how we do things. 

In a historically transactional and fickle industry, we have a four-year track record of creating value for our shipping partners, which enables us to be strategic and recognize where we can bring similar value to new partners and repeat the process.

I couldn’t be more excited to see what’s ahead for us in Nashville: to unlock the value that’s waiting for us, and of course, to continue to provide the best possible experience for our customers, carriers in our network, and our teammates.