Meet MoLo: Christian Collins, Customer Account Manager - MoLo

Meet MoLo: Christian Collins, Customer Account Manager

Today, meet Christian Collins! Christian is a Customer Account Manager at MoLo, and he has been with ArcBest for two years working from ArcBest’s Fort Smith headquarters.

Check out our conversation with Christian below!


Christian, how would you describe what you do as a Customer Account Manager?

As a Customer Account Manager, I have the responsibility of addressing customers’ needs and concerns. I help solve their logistics challenges by creating solutions for their needs. My day-to-day responsibilities include quoting, booking, tracking, and scheduling customer shipments. I also develop and maintain strong relationships with my customers.

What was your experience like when you started working at MoLo?

When I first started working with Molo it was an eye-opening experience. Never having been part of an integration, it exciting to exchange processes and knowledge between ArcBest and MoLo.

How would you describe MoLo’s culture? How would you describe the culture of the Fort Smith office?

MoLo’s culture embodies an attitude of teamwork, collaboration, and fun. Customer service is the number one priority, and everyone works together to ensure our customers’ needs are met. At our Fort Smith office, we have a very similar culture, we are all dedicated to helping our customers and looking out for each other.

What do you enjoy most about your role? How do you approach challenges in your role?

Building relationship with customers is my favorite part of my role. Through getting to know my customers, I learn their needs, concerns, and pain points, which allows me to personalize solutions for them and provide value. I find that communication is the key to overcoming adversity in this role. Every day brings something different, and we tackle challenges head-on with effective communication and teamwork.

 How do you collaborate with other teams in your role as a Customer Account Manager?

As a Customer Account Manager, I work very closely with Carrier Sales. They provide us with key market insights, as well as essential capacity and pricing information. I can take that information to my customers to better inform their decision-making and create business wins. Carrier Sales is also invaluable to executing the freight; we work together to make sure everything is serviced above and beyond customer standards. Together, we make a great team!

Do you have any advice for people interested in working in Account Management at MoLo?

To be successful in Account Management, you must be able to understand who your customers are and what their needs are. You need to be reliable and able to lay out clear plans of action. Being open minded, proactive, and collaborative will help you build trust through interaction with customers, leading to success in this role.  Another key in this role is to not to get easily discouraged and lean on your team members at MoLo for support!

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