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MoLo Music City: Location, location, location

When it came to finding the right office in Nashville, we wanted to take advantage of the chance to create an incredible experience for our team. “As we got closer to making the Nashville office a reality, one of the first buildings we toured was the L&C Tower,” said Ryan Dent, VP of Carrier Sales & Pricing and a Nashville native. “It was really the perfect fit for us.”  

The L&C Tower is at the heart of downtown Nashville, just steps away from Broadway, the historic Ryman Auditorium, Printer’s Alley, and so much more. Built in 1957, L&C Tower was Nashville’s first skyscraper, and the building’s iconic sign can still be seen from all over the city.  

In fact, the tower’s bright neon letters were originally a weather beacon for the entire town, changing colors based on the daily forecast with help from the US Weather Bureau.  

“So much of our city is accessible from L&C Tower, and we wanted to be able to offer that as an amenity to our team,” explained Katie Richards, our Manager of Business Operations. “In our downtown office, we’ll be able to entertain customers and give our team a truly unique opportunity. We prioritized our values when we made this decision, and that includes considering the experience that we provide to our people.”  

We couldn’t be more excited to be at the center of the action in just a few weeks!