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Meet MoLo’s Brand Ambassadors!

Last summer, MoLo Solutions was thrilled to welcome a incredibly talented group of interns to our team. These individuals brought some serious drive, enthusiasm, and passion not only to the teams they worked with, but the entire company. Anyone who had the pleasure to work with or around them was impressed by their hard work and dedication throughout the summer. Not only did they make valuable contributions to their teams, but they also took on leadership roles as Brand Ambassadors in the Fall—continuing to make an impact on our company even after their internships ended. This group did amazing work over the summer and continued to make a difference as Brand Ambassadors—along with many going on to start their career and join the MoLo family full-time!

Meet the team and take a look at some of the cool stuff they created, shared, and experienced during their time at MoLo! And if you’re interested, we’re always hiring for both internships and full-time positions!

Gabrielle, one of our amazing summer interns and Ambassadors, who graduated from Miami University in the Fall of 2022, also recently accepted a full-time position as a Customer Operations Representative at MoLo! Check out what she has to say about her internship experience at MoLo in her Linkedin post!

University of Iowa senior Kelly Thatch was a Customer Operations intern with us over the summer. She had such a positive experience with her MoLo mentor and as an intern that she decided to not only serve as a Brand Ambassador and extend her internship into the spring, but she also accepted a role as a Customer Operations Representative after she graduates! She knocked it out of the park recruiting at U of I too!

Ben, also a graduating senior, was not only another one of our awesome interns and 2022 Brand Ambassadors, but he even accepted a full-time position with MoLo upon his graduation! You can read more about Ben’s time as an intern here, and also see him out recruiting at career fairs and talking about some of his favorite parts of his internship over on Instagram.   

Being a summer intern and 2022 Brand Ambassador wasn’t enough MoLo for Madeline! We were so excited when she decided to stay on and continue her internship into the spring of 2023. She goes into more details and talks about her time at MoLo over on Instagramplus check out  some of the MoLo swag she got as part of the Ambassador program

Gwyne is a graduating senior also at Miami University. She shared on Linkedin about what she enjoyed most about her internship experience, learning to manage a work-school-life balance, and the opportunity to grow professionally. 

We had some other truly incredible 2022 Brand Ambassadors work with us as well. These include Loyola University senior Andrew Mitchell and Western Michigan University senior Dennis Hoffman!

We’re always accepting applications for our summer internship program! Apply and see for yourself why it was such an impactful experience for this incredible group!