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Meet MoLo: Monica Arteaga, Carrier Sales Specialist

Welcome to the Meet MoLo series!

We know that the people are what makes MoLo, so in this series we’re introducing and highlighting members of the MoLo family across every department and across the country! We’re excited to spotlight the incredible, diverse people and the work that they do each day at MoLo Solutions.

Today, meet Monica Arteaga! She is a carrier sales specialist at our Chicago Headquarters who values the opportunity to build relationships with her carriers and learn more about what’s going on in the industry from them.

Check out our conversation with Monica below!


Monica, How would you sum up what you do as a Carrier Sales Specialist?

Overall, the role is about communication. Communicating all the time with people. Whether it’s with the operations team, salespeople, or any of our other partners. I often reach out to my tagged carriers, who are the people that I work most closely with, and will speak with a lot of new carriers on the phone throughout the week. In general, I really try to build meaningful relationships with my carriers.

What do you do to build those relationships with carriers?

I have carriers that I work with regularly, so I’ll call them every day just to check in and see how they’re doing. If I see a load or lane that I know would fit their network, I give them a call. They call me as well just to see if there’s something that would be a good fit for them, and I’ll ask about what their schedule looks like for the week. Keeping strong communication with carriers is essential. I also enjoy answering inbound calls to create new connections and see if there’s anyone else I can help.

What was your experience like when you first started working at MoLo?

When I first started working at MoLo, everything was brand new to me. I wouldn’t say it was intimidating, but I realized very quickly that I didn’t know a lot about logistics. However, being around the culture and the people here at MoLo made me feel very comfortable, which helped me transition into my role. The training program and team made it easy for me to be successful in this role because they taught us a lot and gave excellent advice.

What do you enjoy most about your role in carrier sales?

I really like being on the phone just because I do enjoy talking to people. It’s a great feeling knowing that I’m able to help people and that they are choosing to work with me. Overall, getting to talk to new people and building relationships is something I really enjoy a lot about my role. Over time, people start to share their work styles and how they operate, so I’m able to understand what’s going on, on a deeper level. Drivers will also share with me what is going on in the industry, and I enjoy getting to know them and hearing their insights.

What’s your favorite memory so far working at MoLo?

My favorite memories are from gatherings and events that bring people together. One of the more recent ones that I had a really good time at was the “Moms of MoLo” event. It was cool because you might not know every single person at the company, but we were able to learn more about each other’s lives outside of work. It was also a women-led event, so it was really empowering to hear from people about things they struggle with and how they handle them.

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