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Meet MoLo: Jen Becker, Strategic Capacity Operations Lead

We know that the people are what makes MoLo, so in this series we’re introducing and highlighting members of the MoLo family across every department and across the country! We’re excited to spotlight the incredible, diverse people and the work that they do each day at MoLo Solutions.

Today, meet Jen Becker! She is a Strategic Capacity Lead at our Chicago office who is frequently in awe of how the people here are passionate about what they do and for each other—including a day for her mother that neither of them will ever forget.

Check out our conversation with Jen below!


Jen, what was your experience like when you started working at MoLo? 

I started at MoLo in July 2021, immediately after I graduated from college. I didn’t know much about logistics and almost nothing about working at a brokerage. Thankfully, we have an incredible training team here who started with the basics of the industry. They helped me learn the ins and outs and become more confident in my role. I gained hands-on experience by being immersed in tons of new situations. I also took time to meet new people at our company and was inspired by their work ethic and dedication to our mission. It definitely rubbed off on me, and I knew I was at the right place because of it.

How would you describe what you do as a Strategic Capacity Operations Lead?

As the Strategic Capacity Operations Lead, I’m responsible for overseeing the success of routing guide compliance across all regions. For example, I monitor lane-level performance with our carrier partners to ensure that our customers are being serviced to both our standards and theirs. I also help to ensure the utilization and success of our new auto-tendering routing guide software.

How do you approach difficult issues that come up as a Strategic Capacity Operations Lead?

Efficient and thoughtful communication is the most crucial part of my role. Being able to clearly articulate a situation and the best way to resolve it has allowed me to be successful throughout a lot of crazy times. I also try to maintain positivity throughout difficult issues. The more you are happy to answer questions or re-explain a situation, the more people feel comfortable coming to you. I’ve also learned when to ask for help; I know that if I don’t know the answer to a question, I can find someone else who does.

How do you collaborate in your role as a Strategic Capacity Operations Lead?

I collaborate with almost every department here at MoLo. I work internally with my team to achieve our goals, but also with the Carrier Sales and Operations Teams to ensure our lanes are performing well. I also have the privilege of working with the Product and Project team as well as the team from Mastery, our TMS platform, to shape our auto-tendering software into its best form. I love working with a variety of people and value how each person brings a unique perspective. 

Do you have any advice for people interested in working at MoLo?

If it’s your first time in the logistics industry, don’t be scared to venture into something new! If you’re a seasoned veteran, I think you’ll find MoLo is a special place to work. There are so many people here that want to support you and see you succeed. Freight is fast-paced, but you can learn so much and have an unmatched opportunity for growth. If you can come to work every day with the desire to learn something new, you will succeed.

How would you describe MoLo’s culture?

The people here are passionate about what they do, but also for each other. I am constantly in awe of how our people come together to help each other cover a challenging load, earn awards for our dedication to service, and raise money for amazing causes. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month last year, my mother had recently beat breast cancer and was invited into our office for an afternoon of fun, games, and fundraising. We raised over $4,000 in one day—everyone made her feel so special, and I know it’s a day neither of us will ever forget. 

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