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Meet MoLo: Dan Limburg, Corporate Training Manager

Welcome to the Meet MoLo series!

We know that what makes MoLo is our people, so in this series we’re introducing and highlighting members of the MoLo family across every department and across the country! We’re excited to spotlight the incredible, diverse people and the work that they do each day at MoLo Solutions.

Today, meet Dan, a corporate training manager at MoLo’s Chicago office. He is not only one of the first faces every new employee sees, he also has the privilege of conveying the spirit, culture, and passion that define MoLo to all our new hires.

Check out our conversation with Dan below!


Q: Dan, how would you sum up what you do as a Corporate Training Manager? 

I manage everyone’s initial start here at MoLo. The training team guides them into their actual paths for success within their career here at MoLo. Essentially, we make sure everybody’s trained up to kill it at their job from day one. 

Q: How do you approach difficult issues that come up in your role? 

Communication is key. Relationships amongst all the different departments are really important for someone in my role as we facilitate new employees to every single department. We personally have to be aware of any changes to a team, any updates to processes, and organization changes in general—like PTO, benefits, and all that good stuff. Changes happen rapidly, and staying in front of those and being prepared and having the content to match it is probably one of the most important things. The approach I take is always being a goalkeeper; just being ready and not letting anything pass you, especially in the busy times.

Q: Building on that, would you mind talking more about how you work with other departments and where you collaborate and create wins?

A prime example is Carrier Sales. When I come into the office every morning, before I start my day, I go and talk to every single person on the floor and say “hi.” Because I might need to lean on them for shadows, and carrier sales managers will start pointing out difficulties that a rep may have, and if they’re noticing a specific trend, that can inform how we train a certain topic to new hires. So we’ll come back and review processes just by purely chatting through issues and seeing the reps that have hit the floor. 

Q: What do you enjoy most about your role here at MoLo? 

Getting to meet everybody. Easy, really easy answer. I consider myself a champion of culture. Every employee’s journey starts with us in the first four weeks, and we set the tone for the rest of their time here at MoLo. The ability to meet everybody on day one and hopefully create a positive journey from the start here at MoLo, and really influence them to be a part of the culture, and join in on building that culture as well is really special. 

Q: Do you have any advice for somebody who would be interested in working in corporate training? 

Somebody looking to be a corporate trainer would be somebody who has a lot of positive energy and is excited to be the first face new employees see—along with being someone who drives company culture. That’s what we do. That’s one thing that, at times, can be a challenge, regardless of what else is going on you always want to come in with a smile and positive attitude. You just have to be able to communicate and articulate what’s in front of you and encourage those who are starting this new chapter in their career. 

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