Q4 Overall MVP - MoLo

Q4 Overall MVP

Meet our Q4 MVP: Nashville Office Manager Gabby Murrill!

Gabby is from Mobile, Alabama and has been at MoLo since August of 2021. She loves to go hiking and recently adopted a dog named Honey—who will also be her new hiking buddy!

Her favorite thing about being a part of MoLo is how the entire office feels like a family, and how her job directly impacts those in the office every single day. 

How did you become part of the MoLo family? 

Gabby Murrill: Honestly, this just kind of fell into my lap. I had no idea what MoLo even was, but looking into the company, and the growth, and everything that it was a part of, I was like, “Wow! This seems absolutely amazing, and I would be lucky to be a part of it.” And now I am! 

What does MoLo mean to you? 

Gabby Murrill: MoLo means to me, being driven. I think everybody here does a wonderful job of staying passionate, and it is shown in every area, in everything I’ve ever witnessed—we are just a family that is driven. 

What is something that has surprised you about working at MoLo? 

Gabby Murrill: What surprised me about MoLo, I think is the leadership. I’ve never experienced leadership like this before. They are just very passionate for everyone, and they don’t take credit individually for our success. It’s because of everyone involved in MoLo that we are successful, and it’s so true. 

How does it feel that your co-workers voted you as overall MVP? 

Gabby Murrill: The way I feel about my coworkers voting for me is overwhelming. I’m honored, it’s truly just an overwhelming joy that I’ve done something right to boost the morale here in the Nashville office.