Isometric Technologies 2021 Excellence Service Award – MoLo

MoLo Receives Isometric Technologies’ 2021 Excellence in Service Award

At MoLo, we’re always driven to provide the best possible service to our customers. Which is why we’re thrilled to be named as one of Isometric Technologies (ISO)’s 2021 Excellence in Service Award winners!

ISO developed a platform that allows shippers and their transportation providers to identify and correct inefficiencies by aggregating performance data into a single place. This first ever award recognizes those who displayed exceptional performance levels in ISO’s system throughout 2021.

“ISO’s innovative platform and technology is what enabled my team, through relentless, hard work, to improve what was already one of the fastest growing accounts at MoLo.” Said Nicole Beer, Customer Operations Manager.

“It is truly an honor to receive ISO’s first-ever Excellence in Service Award—and we look forward to continuing this level of exceptional service for our customers.”

Each week, the MoLo team is able to utilize their system to improve their service scores for our customer and reduce the amount of fines attached to individual shipments. MoLo representatives are scored based on acceptance and overall on time deliveries, and ISO helps calculate the data and display overall scores for carriers. ISO helped Nicole’s team correct their service scores by allowing them to gather intel on whether or not a load was late or missed, and give them the opportunity to utilize supporting evidence to enhance their scores.

“ISO’s 2021 Excellence in Service Award was created to recognize carriers that displayed exceptional performance throughout the year.” Said Brian Cristol, CEO & Co-Founder of Isometric Technologies. “MoLo Solutions has shown exemplary service in 2021; we are honored to partner with them and recognize their position as a leader in the industry.”

We are so honored to have been recognized by ISO, and couldn’t be prouder of our team’s dedicated work that made it happen. In addition to ISO, in 2021 we received awards from Forbes, Inc. Magazine, BuiltIn, the Chicago Tribune, and Crain’s Chicago Business. We gave it our all last year, and we’re just getting started.

The Customer Operations team whose work led to this award are: 

Brendan Sullivan, Account Manager; Cailin Sheehan, Customer Operations Lead; Abbey Parsley, Customer Operations Specialist; Drew Smith, Customer Operations Specialist; Yadira Cardenas, Customer Operations Specialist; Christine Athamanah, Customer Operations Specialist; Katie Dozois, Customer Operations Specialist; Trent Cairns, Customer Operations Representative; and Ellie Birgbauer, Customer Operations Representative