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MoLo is proud to be named one of Chicago’s Largest Privately Held Companies by Crain’s Chicago Business. This data, published each Spring, sorts local companies based on their annual revenue. MoLo was also recognized for achieving one of the highest rates of revenue growth among companies on the list with a 112% increase from 2019 to 2020.     

Alongside this iconic list, Crain’s also published their findings on Chicago’s corporate landscape segmented by industry. According to Crain’s, of the 366 privately held companies listed in the print edition, only 22 businesses represent the transportation industry. Crain’s estimates that within the 2021 list of the largest privately held companies in Chicago, just over 4,000 local employees work in logistics. Crain’s also notes that the industry itself saw a 22.5% average change in revenue from 2019 figures.

This year—our first year included on the Crain’s Chicago Business list—we were ranked #185 out of 366 privately held companies in the print edition of the list. We closed 2020 with a revenue of $274M, which represented a 112% growth from the prior year, and we ended 2020 with 301 employees, 280 of whom were based in Chicago.  

With a strong start to 2021, we anticipate even better figures by the end of this year, aiming to close out 2021 with 500 employees and $500M in revenue.   

Our CEO Andrew Silver talked all things remote work with Built In Chicago: from his preconceived notions to the future of remote work. 

Whats a preconceived notion you had about remote work prior to COVID-19? 

Prior to going remote in mid-March 2020, I had some reservations about working from home. Our line of work is predicated on collaboration and teamwork, and the fast-paced energy of a brokerage is such an important part of what we do. I wasn’t sure that could translate to a remote environment. Our business is young — we’re still establishing who we are, and I didn’t want that culture to get lost if people worked from home. 

How has your opinion shifted since transitioning to a fully or partially remote workforce, and what does this mean for the future of your business? 

Now that I’ve seen what our team can accomplish remotely, my opinion on remote work has changed. Our business has more than doubled since March, despite challenging market conditions and COVID-19.  

If you hire the right people and give them the right tools, they can succeed in any environment.” 

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about our people this year, it’s that their resilience is second to none. No matter the obstacle, they have continued to show up every day and execute, and it’s proven to me that if you hire the right people and give them the right tools, they can succeed in any environment. It’s not about where they are, it’s about who they are. 

I’m looking forward to the day we can safely be together again in the office, but if people find that they’re more productive or happier working from home full time, I’m comfortable with that. 

Nashville, Tennessee – April 7, 2021: MoLo Solutions, a premier third-party logistics provider, announced the opening of its Nashville office today. Headquartered in Chicago’s West Loop, this expansion is the first for MoLo. 

“This is a proud moment for us. It’s an incredible opportunity for some of MoLo’s leaders to take on additional responsibility in building out this office down South. We have a tremendous amount of trust in these folks and know they will do well to bring our brand, our service, and the “MoLo way” to a new location. We’re going to do big things in Nashville,” said Andrew Silver, CEO.  

Nashville is a great match for MoLo: the city is fast-growing, the community is vibrant and engaged, and the talent is top-notch. “One of the most unique things about Nashville is the combination of the resilience and creativity of the community itself. People move here with hopes and dreams of making a name for themselves, which is essentially what we’re setting out to do as well,” said Kevin Berardini, Manager, Customer Sales.  

Located in the L&C Tower in downtown Nashville (401 Church Street), MoLo’s new office is perfectly suited for hosting customers and carriers in the region, as well as providing the team with incredible access to the city. 

“I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the Nashville office. The passion that our people have for MoLo’s mission is second to none, and I can’t wait to bring that momentum to the South,” said Ryan Dent, VP of Carrier Sales and Pricing. 

“Our core values–integrity, accountability, and resilience–have helped us earn our reputation as a premium service provider, but we know that the passion our employees have for each other and for the culture of MoLo is what really moves the needle. So many organizations and people are choosing to make Nashville home, and the city’s talent pool will allow us to hire candidates who are driven by the same principles,” Dent concluded. 

Hoping to join the MoLo team in Music City? Visit to learn more about MoLo’s job opportunities in Nashville. 

About MoLo 

MoLo Solutions is a third-party logistics provider focused on delivering the best experience in the industry, one load at a time. Founded in 2017, MoLo’s service-first approach is matched by a commitment to doing things the right way. Our dedication to culture, respect, and communication impacts everything we do, from servicing our customers to coordinating the carriers who move our freight. 

To learn more about MoLo, visit, or find us on LinkedInFacebook, and Instagram

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Communications and PR Manager, MoLo Solutions


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Our HR Director Cara Kinney caught up with Built In Chicago to share a little bit about how MoLo is building a strong company culture.  

“The first characteristic that comes to mind when I think about creating a strong company culture is passion,” Kinney said. “At MoLo, passion isn’t just one of our core values — it’s in everything we do. It starts by identifying the people who share our passion for doing things the right way. We build on that during the onboarding process and throughout your time at MoLo. 

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, our passion for providing the best service in the industry has kept our team connected, engaged and invested in one another, despite the fact that many of us are miles apart. 

“Passion is also something that our leaders and our team exemplify every single day. I think it’s been the strongest driver of our resiliency in the last year. We wholeheartedly believe in what we’re doing, we know that we’re doing it for the right reasons, and we’re passionate about following through with our commitments. That dedication fuels our momentum and helps us stay connected, especially through the global challenges we’ve faced in the last year.” 

When it came to finding the right office in Nashville, we wanted to take advantage of the chance to create an incredible experience for our team. “As we got closer to making the Nashville office a reality, one of the first buildings we toured was the L&C Tower,” said Ryan Dent, VP of Carrier Sales & Pricing and a Nashville native. “It was really the perfect fit for us.”  

The L&C Tower is at the heart of downtown Nashville, just steps away from Broadway, the historic Ryman Auditorium, Printer’s Alley, and so much more. Built in 1957, L&C Tower was Nashville’s first skyscraper, and the building’s iconic sign can still be seen from all over the city.  

In fact, the tower’s bright neon letters were originally a weather beacon for the entire town, changing colors based on the daily forecast with help from the US Weather Bureau.  

“So much of our city is accessible from L&C Tower, and we wanted to be able to offer that as an amenity to our team,” explained Katie Richards, our Manager of Business Operations. “In our downtown office, we’ll be able to entertain customers and give our team a truly unique opportunity. We prioritized our values when we made this decision, and that includes considering the experience that we provide to our people.”  

We couldn’t be more excited to be at the center of the action in just a few weeks!  

MoLo is thrilled to be named one of America’s Best Startup Employers by Forbes for the second year in a row!

Forbes partnered with leading market research company Statista to identify the startup companies liked best by their team members. Throughout the process, Forbes and Statista collected 7 million data points from startups across the country and ranked them based on their rate of growth, reputation, and employee satisfaction. Of the thousands of companies that qualified, only the top 500 were selected for this year’s list.   

“We’re honored to be named one of America’s Best Startup Employers,” said Meg Thorp, Senior Talent Specialist at MoLo. “When I joined MoLo, I fell in love with the passion and excitement I felt from every team member around what MoLo was doing and where we were going together. That same commitment to our values and each other is what has driven MoLo since the day we were founded almost 4 years ago. This recognition from Forbes and Statista reflects our team’s dedication to providing the best possible experience for our customer partners, our network of carriers, and each other.”  

About MoLo

MoLo—short for Modern Logistics—is a 3PL with a mission to deliver the best experience in transportation. At MoLo, we’re driven to do things the right way. For us, that starts by creating a better environment for logistics professionals, which allows us to provide a better experience for drivers and carriers in our network and offer better service to our customer partners. MoLo’s commitment to our core values impacts everything we do, from caring for our customers to coordinating the carriers who move our freight. 

This February, to commemorate Black History Month, we’ll be taking time to reflect on what Black history means to the MoLo family and the logistics industry at large. But first, let’s meet Dr. Carter G. Woodson, also known as “the Father of Black History.”  

Born to formerly enslaved parents in Virginia in 1875, Carter G. Woodson moved to West Virginia to support his family. He began working in the New River Gorge coal mines, and according to the National Park Service (NPS), it was Woodson’s time spent working in the mines that inspired him to study and share the history of his fellow Black Americans.  

By age 20, he’d enrolled at Frederick Douglass High School in Huntington, West Virginia. It didn’t take long for Woodson to fall in love with history and literature. His teaching career started shortly after he graduated from Frederick Douglass High School, and he went on to study at Berea College, the Sorbonne, The University of Chicago, and Harvard.  

Although he made history while pursuing an education, becoming the second Black man to graduate with a Ph.D. from Harvard, Woodson “noticed a glaring hole in the educational system in the United States. The public knew very little about the role of African Americans in American history, and schools were not including African American history in their curriculum,” according to the NPS. Woodson dedicated his life to changing this. 

In 1915, Dr. Woodson co-founded an organization now known as the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH). According to the NAACP, “Under Woodson’s pioneering leadership, the Association created research and publication outlets for Black scholars.” Today, ASALH continues to “promote, research, preserve, interpret and disseminate information about Black life, history and culture to the global community.”  

In 1926, Dr. Woodson proposed that one week each February should be dedicated to the celebration and honoring of Black history. In 1976, that single week of commemorations was expanded to the entire month of February. 

“We are going back to that beautiful history and it is going to inspire us to greater achievements,”

– Dr. Woodson.

ASALH celebrates Black History Month each February with special events, panel conversations, and keynotes. Learn more about their 2021 Black History Month Virtual Festival here.

Dr. Woodson’s lifelong pursuit of teaching Americans about the significance of Black history has inspired us to learn more. 2020 showed us that we still have a lot of work to do to create the type of equitable world we all deserve to live in. We look forward to using our platform to educate ourselves and those in our community about the incredible history of Black Americans.

Today, we honor the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. Reflecting on his impact, we’re reminded of a quote from his 1967 sermon, The Three Dimensions of a Complete Life“Somewhere along the way, we must learn that there is nothing greater than to do something for others.”  

In June 2020, we published our stance against racism and discrimination. In that message, we stated that “the commitment we’ve made to our people is we will, first and foremost, hear them. We will empathize with them. We will do all we can to help them with the resources at our disposal and live up to the values of our business.” We made a commitment to listen, learn, and educate ourselves on ways to make a real impact, both short and long-term, to improve a broken system. 

One of our first steps toward this promise was to invest more resources into our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). Our ERGs are employee-led and provide an opportunity and a safe space for deeper conversations about how MoLo can support our people and our greater community. We’re dedicated to providing the resources and tools to participate in our ERGs, which currently include our Philanthropy Committee, Women of MoLo, and our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, and our public speaking group, Speak Easy. 

Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (DE&I) is dedicated to leading the change we envision for our company and the global community. DE&I aims to be a catalyst for change within MoLo and its communities through volunteerism, recruitment, fundraising, and the furthering of education on inequality and social injustice. DE&I facilitates conversations about allyship, biases, awareness, and more. 

“DE&I provides an open, safe space for employee-led conversation across the company. Listening to each other and learning from each other are our top priorities. On top of that, we have the opportunity to support organizations and causes that align with our mission and pour resources back into our communities,” said Will Jenkins, VP of Strategic Partnerships at MoLo. “As a group, we’re all unbelievably different, but our impact is made stronger by moving towards the same goal: leading change, both inside and outside of MoLo” Jenkins concluded.   

Investing in our ERGs was a first step, but we also acknowledge that our work has just begun. We’re committed to continuing to listen and learn how to best support our team members of all races and backgrounds, and as we grow, we’re going to consistently seek out new ways to provide support and stability to our team. 

We also recognize that amid the countless challenges of the last year, mental health struggles have been on the rise around the world. In fact, a recent study by the CDC found that symptoms of anxiety have tripled, and symptoms of depression have quadrupled among adults. To better support our people, we launched a partnership with Boon, an online platform that helps businesses offer holistic, personalized mental health resources and one-on-one coaching sessions to improve resilience, inclusivity, and mindfulness.  

Today, we’re reminded of what truly matters: taking better care of ourselves and our neighbors. As we honor the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. this week, we’re encouraging our team to consider ways they can give back to their communities. If you’re interested in finding ways to volunteer in your community, you can use this tool and search by your zip code. We’re inspired to find new ways to do something for others and we hope you are, too. 


The Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute 

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention 


MoLo Built In

MoLo is thrilled to be part of Built In’s 2021 Best Places To Work Awards! The annual awards include companies of all sizes, from startups to the enterprise, nationally and in the eight largest tech markets. 

“We’re honored to be recognized as a top workplace for our dedication to providing an inclusive culture where we lead with our values,” said Meghan Savel, Director of Talent. “Although we spent much of 2020 physically apart, we’re proud of the ways our team came together to continue to uphold our commitment to the highest levels of service to each other.”  

Built In determines winners for Best Places to Work based on an algorithm, using company data about compensation, benefits, and cultural programs. To reflect the attributes candidates are searching for on Built In today, this year’s program weighted criteria more heavily, like remote opportunities and programs for diversity, equity, and inclusion.  

“These companies raise the bar for cultural excellence and the ability to adapt to meet changing needs of employees,” says Sheridan Orr, Chief Marketing Officer, Built In. “The 2021 winners show a commitment not just to creating meaningful cultures but to delivering talent needs as they change in a dynamic landscape. We’re thrilled to extend our congratulations to the winners.”   

About Built In 

Built In, a revolution in tech recruitment, serves more than 1,800 innovative companies of all sizes, from startups to the enterprise, delivering content and digital recruitment solutions that work. The platform amplifies companies’ brands as national, local, or remote employers of choice, as well as leaders in DEI. Monthly, 2.5 million tech professionals rely on Built In to stay up on trends, grow in their roles, and discover companies with missions they want to join. The platform publishes stories about companies’ tech, culture, and people. This activates sought-after professionals to apply to customers’ open roles.  

About MoLo Solutions 

MoLo Solutions is a Chicago-based third-party logistics provider focused on delivering the best experience in the industry, one load at a time. Its service-forward approach is matched by a commitment to doing things the right way. Founded in 2017, MoLo has grown exponentially, particularly in building out support for our customers in the food and beverage industry. MoLo’s dedication to culture, respect, and communication impacts everything we do, from servicing our customers to coordinating the carriers who move our freight. 

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CHICAGO, Illinois – December 1, 2020 –  MoLo Solutions, a top third-party logistics provider, announced its partnership with Mastery Logistics Systems, Inc. as it launches MasterMind™, a cloud-based SaaS technology solution developed by industry expert Jeff Silver. 

Driving automation, stability, and efficiency, MasterMind™ allows for unmatched visibility when it comes to solving complex supply chain issues. In 2019, Silver and his team recognized a broader need for a TMS that solved problems across the industry, from asset-based dedicated fleets to power-only brokerages and everything in between.

Developing software solutions isn’t anything new for Silver. He created the software used by his previous organizations, American Backhaulers and Coyote Logistics, too. With Mastery, Silver wanted to focus on servicing all aspects of the supply chain, which meant embracing its complexity. 

Silver realized that if he created a single cloud-native system that managed these complex logistical problems, Mastery would be a truly unique offering in the industry—and MasterMind™ was born.

“MoLo was looking for a platform that can grow with us—one that supplies us with the infrastructure, functionality, and efficiency that we needed,” said Jack Twyman, MoLo’s Chief Product Officer. “With MasterMind™, we not only gain features and insights that will allow us to offer the highest level of service to our customers and carriers, we’re also able to implement better processes for our employees by automating execution and improving productivity.”

“It would be impossible to do what we’ve done with MasterMind™ without a customer who is willing to provide the resources and users to test the product, and that’s where MoLo came in,” Silver stated. “It’s been exciting to see the software come to life in the hands of people who need it, and we’re appreciative to those at MoLo who have been testing the product as we’ve built it out and as we continue to add automation and capability to the system in the next few months. We’re looking forward to seeing MoLo grow alongside MasterMind™.”

“For MoLo, MasterMind™ is the system that allows us to scale our people and our processes long-term as we work to provide the best service in the industry. Partnering with Mastery, we can leverage premier technology as we work to create a better experience for participants along the supply chain. As our team becomes more effective day-to-day, that improvement expands to benefit our carriers and our customers,” explained Matt Vogrich, MoLo’s President & Chief Operating Officer. 

“If our people are maximizing their efficiency and we’re growing our network to move more freight through our system, we can continue to service our customers the right way while also offering them competitive pricing. We’ve always had an incredible team, but now that we can support them with the best technology available, the sky’s the limit,” Vogrich concluded.  

About MoLo

MoLo Solutions is a Chicago-based third-party logistics provider focused on delivering the best experience in the industry, one load at a time. Its service-forward approach is matched by a commitment to doing things the right way. Founded in 2017, MoLo has grown exponentially, particularly in building out support for our customers in the food and beverage industry. MoLo’s dedication to culture, respect, and communication impacts everything we do, from servicing our customers to coordinating the carriers who move our freight.

To learn more about MoLo, visit, or find us on LinkedInFacebook, and Instagram

About Mastery

Chicago-based Mastery Logistics Systems, Inc. launched in 2019. Mastery was founded by Jeff Silver, whose technology systems and teams have powered some of the largest logistics companies in North America for over four decades. MasterMind™ is a comprehensive cloud-based SaaS transportation management system (TMS) built from the ground up by a team of 120 engineers, designers, and programmers, to help large shippers, carriers and logistics service providers manage complex transportation needs in an efficient, cohesive and intelligent way.

To learn more about Mastery, visit