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Barely five years ago, MoLo was just an idea.

While the idea, to change the logistics industry, wasn’t small, the physical space it occupied was. 

As MoLo grew, so did the space it needed. Starting in a small third floor office in River North with a large closet we converted to our Accounting office, but packed to the brim with energy and passion. The team took private calls in a small hallway and held interviews at the downstairs Irish restaurant and pub—putting to use every space available. 

That energy and passion led to rapid growth that outpaced the ability to stay in the current office. After nearly two months of hosting half the quickly expanding team in a nearby WeWork, MoLo moved to 120 N. Racine in Chicago’s West Loop in 2019—nearly tripling the size of the previous space. Within 6 months, the continued growth again exceeded the physical space, and before long, MoLo’s service-first approach was proving itself out and the team was taking up every available inch of space in the building.

All this led to last month, when MoLo moved to one of the premier, state-of-the-art spaces in all of Chicago—167 N. Green Street.

The more than 93,000 square feet of MoLo’s new home encompasses two floors and boasts breathtaking views of the Windy City. But best of all, it offers the opportunity for direct, in-person communications and collaboration, that human-to-human factor that simply isn’t possible on Slack or Zoom. The ability to spin around in your chair and ask someone a question, hop into a private meeting room to collaborate on a project, or simply have a conversation with a coworker—or as our Carrier Sales Assistant Manager Chris Steele put it, “have a live Slack.”

Developed by Shapack Partners, who have been leaders in creating the palpable energy of Chicago’s Fulton Market District with projects that include The Parker, Soho House, and the Hoxton Hotel, it’s no wonder that this space feels like the pinnacle of a modern workspace—MoLo does stand for Modern Logistics, after all.

 “Everyone’s hard work and dedication have allowed us to design a brand-new office completely customized for our MoLo family. One that reflects exactly how incredible each and every person on this team is.

Cara Kinney, VP Human Resources

Guided by Cara Kinney, VP of Human Resources, Helena Solarte, Sr. Marketing Manager, Nick Lawler, Technology Operations Manager, and Jenna Monday, Project Manager, the eight-month undertaking was a team effort through and through. This is why, after completion, Cara described it as “living and breathing MoLo.”

Driven by Passion: Working the MoLo Way 

What makes MoLo is the people. Our people’s drive, passion, and commitment to the values and vision of providing world-class service for our carriers and customers. So providing them with workspaces that give them the tools they need to not only thrive at their work but enjoy physically being in the office—if they so choose—is vital. 

167 N. Green does that and more with its 500 desks that can be reserved on a daily, weekly, and permanent basis. Giving teams flexibility for schedules and the ability to still work from home when desired or needed. 

Across the two floors, there are 17 conference rooms that can hold between four and 20 people, along with two massive training rooms on each floor, and 33 private offices—all named after Chicago’s iconic streets and neighborhoods. There are soundproof callrooms for when you need a little extra focus, Zoom-capable conference rooms so your whole team can get on a call together, and multiscreen workspaces set up at each of those 500 desks. 

Every exterior wall of the office is a floor-to-ceiling window, providing immense natural light that touches nearly every corner of the office and offers gorgeous views of the iconic Chicago skyline. 

Driven for Better: When you Need to Recharge

Providing world-class service is the core of working at MoLo, but sometimes the key to doing your best work is knowing when you need to take a quick break, step back for a minute, or just have your second coffee of the day—which is easy when each floor has cold brew on tap! 

MoLo’s slice of 167 N. Green was designed with that in mind throughout the entire process. 

Spaces like the Secret Gardens provide greenery-filled corridors and seats that encompass you and allow you to tune out the rest of the world for a bit. Or common spaces with pool tables and shuffleboard, where you can go play a quick game to clear your mind. After a couple of years of working remotely and interactions often limited to Zoom and Slack, the opportunity to spend non-work-related time with your team is truly valuable beyond measure.  

Our people have fueled our growth from the beginning, and this new space allows them to work together in a fun, amazing location to continue to deliver unparalleled service to each other, our drivers, and our shipper partners.

Matt Vogrich, President & COO

There are multiple kitchens with seating areas for team lunches or where catering can be set up and provided. The 14th floor’s Urban Garden offers secluded eating or working spaces completely surrounded by a lush array of plants and lighting specifically designed for indoor garden areas.  

Part of modern work life often means looking at a computer screen for hours at a time, but MoLo’s commitment to being driven for better for our people means providing ample opportunities and spaces to allow mental breaks and time to recharge while working in-office —so we can continue to be driven for better for our customers and carriers.

The office represents a small part of our original vision becoming our reality.” MoLo CEO Andrew Silver says describing the office. “We set out to create the best experience for employees in our industry. Much of that is driven by our values and culture, but some of that has to do with the physical environment we create. Today, we can say with confidence we have the best office in our industry. That’s a competitive advantage for hiring talent. The best talent, the best people. They are who create the best experience for drivers and shippers in our industry. We have always believed that our recipe for successfully servicing drivers and shippers would be driven by our ability to keep our people happy. We’ve now created a long-term “work home” for our people that is second to none. It’s truly a place we can all be proud of.”

Driven to Deliver: For our People

One of the selling points of 167 N. Green was the clear community the building has and that they are determined to continue fostering.

The top floor is an entirely shared common area for everyone who works in the building, with ping-pong tables, a sun-laden rooftop deck, an indoor fire pit, and vast amounts of places to eat and work. It is a truly stunning shared space.

On top of that, there is a building-only accessible gym, with, once again, breathtaking views of the city, in addition to state-of-the-art equipment, locker rooms, showers, and even professionally offered fitness classes. There’s also an NBA-regulation-sized basketball court that isn’t just for you and some friends to shoot hoops, it can also hold up to 400 people and be used as a town hall for company-wide meetings or other professional gatherings.

For MoLo, 167 N. Green is so much more than just an office. It’s a space that is conducive to providing the absolute best service possible, for both our customers and carriers. It’s a hub for our people, designed to be enjoyable to work at, provide tools needed for success, and fun to spend time in after work. It embodies our mentality of Driven to Deliver for everyone we interact with— as Cara said, it simply lives and breathes the essence of MoLo.

MoLo Solutions was recently named Brill Inc.’s 2021 Broker of the Year! In another year filled with global uncertainty, the MoLo team continued to not only rise to the challenge, but go above and beyond, providing unparalleled service to our customers.

Being named Broker of the Year doesn’t come without hard work or patience, and the Brill account is a perfect example of why. Stephan Mathis, Enterprise Sales Director, first spoke with Brian Wnuk, Director of North American Transportation for Brill’s parent company, Rise Baking Company, in the Spring of 2020 and was told throughout the summer that they didn’t have the need for new brokers. It wouldn’t be until January 2021 that the MoLo team was winning about 25 loads a month for the bakery ingredients manufacturers. 

Over the course of the year, the MoLo team continued to win mini bids and score in the 90th percentile on Brill’s weekly scorecards—even delivering to locations as well-known  as Walmart. Brill was especially impressed by Customer Operations Specialist Brianna Rendell’s relationship-building and transparency with their team, and their planners regularly took note of MoLo’s level of communication, service, and reliability. One Brill planner, Ashley, said that it seemed like The MoLo team had been in their network forever, and that “y’all came in the game ready to play!” 

Proof of MoLo’s flexibility and strength came mid-year, when the entire Account Management group and operations team had to switch out. Brill expected it to be a hurdle, but the transition was seamless and MoLo didn’t let the customer feel the impact of internal adjustments for a second.

 “You’re reliable. We’re thankful for the commitment MoLo has shown for us” — Brian Wnuk, Director of North American Transportation

The expectations for the team on the account were set early on in the relationship. “Our intention was to win the broker of the year.” Stephan said about his initial conversations with Brian. “I wanted to set the growth plan and customer strategy, collaborate with their team, and follow through on our commitments. This award symbolizes what it means to be MoLo.”

A huge congratulations to everyone who clearly put in the work and deserves this incredible recognition! The award-winning team is comprised of Brianna Rendell, Customer Operations Specialist; Max Dichtl, Customer Operations Specialist; Hani Harstad, Manager, Customer Operations; Nick Todoroff, Account Manager; Tommy Dillion Manager, Strategic Account Development; and Stephan Mathis, Enterprise Sales Director.

To most people, Nashville is known as “Music City,” but to MoLo, their little slice of the 615 is more often referred to as “Offense City.” 

That mantra, which permeates the attitude and work ethic of the Nashville team, came about in the early days as the team spent their nights together in the new office trying to win business and find ways that they could continue to improve the customer experience. 

The ‘Offense City’ mentality is about attacking everything that you do: your daily work, a new challenge, and holding a teammate accountable. It means taking everything that comes your way head-on.” Kevin Berardini, Customer Sales Manager said. “Very few people ever get to be a part of building something bigger than themselves. Whether you are in Nashville or Chicago, that’s the opportunity that exists at MoLo, and we go after it with everything that we have.

Several cities were considered for MoLo’s expansion, but the quickly-growing, vibrant, and engaged community in Nashville made it the perfect fit for a new office. 

While visiting office locations the team fell in love with L&C Tower. In the heart of downtown, the location is perfectly-suited to host customers, carriers, and provide easy access to all that the city has to offer employees. After five months of planning, designing, and building, the office opened its doors one year ago today, on April 7, 2021.

Since then, the small team of about ten has more than quadrupled in size, with outstanding people joining customer sales, customer operations, and account management—with the aggressive hiring plan continuing into year two.

Their “Offense City” mantra not only exists in the mentality of the Nashville team—and written on a cardboard sign inside the office—but also in their results. In their first year, Nashville exceeded all expectations and brought in more than four times their projected revenue. 

The opportunity to help replicate the culture of MoLo in Nashville, while watching our team grow as contributors and as leaders has been amazing.” Said Ryan Dent, VP, Yield, and head of the office, about what the highlights of the last year in Nashville have been for him. “Thinking about what we’ve accomplished in this first year is awesome, but the best part of it all is the team we’ve assembled. Everyone is bought into the vision and willing to hold each other accountable while maintaining a fun environment.”  

That sense of community is palpable when you visit the Nashville office, talk to anyone who works there, or even just read their office Slack channel. They have accomplished incredible things in their first year. But when you’re in “Offense City,” your first year’s accomplishments are just the fuel to do even better every single day—and they’re just getting started.

March 31, 2022
Helena Solarte
[email protected]

MoLo Solutions’ Chief Product Officer Named Winner of Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s 2022 Pros to Know Award

CHICAGOSupply & Demand Chain Executive, the only publication covering the entire global supply chain, named Jack Twyman, Chief Product Officer at MoLo Solutions, as one of the winners of the 2022 Pros to Know award. The award recognizes outstanding executives whose accomplishments offer a roadmap for other leaders looking to leverage the supply chain for competitive advantage.

“Jack represents the MoLo product that we deliver to our people, our drivers, and our shipping partners. He leads by example every single day and is an invaluable member of the MoLo family.” Said MoLo President & COO Matt Vogrich. “His ability to calmly guide our business through unprecedented growth is incredible and our success the last couple of years would not be possible without individuals like Jack leading the way. We are extremely proud of him for this recognition—it is very well deserved.”

Twyman is being recognized for his leadership in shepherding MoLo onto an entirely new operating platform, MasterMind, needed to meet the demands of MoLo’s rapid growth. Making the logistics firm the first ever use the new, cutting-edge platform. And for his role in leading the integration process between MoLo and ArcBest—following the Arkansas-based brokerage’s acquisition of MoLo in November of 2021.

“When I look back at past Pros to Know winners, I see a lot of individuals who accomplished a lot of great achievements. But this year’s winners are reinventing what it means to be a supply chain professional. This year’s winners are intuitive, adaptive and so super smart, and continue to push the envelope when it comes to everything supply chain-related,” said Marina Mayer, Editor-in-Chief of Supply & Demand Chain Executive and Food Logistics. “We received over 360 nominations this year, the highest number of nominations ever for this award. It’s proof that today’s supply chain professionals are not only doing great things for the supply chain, but are also being supported by their teams, peers and partners.”

You can find the full list of 2022 Pros to Know winners at



Molo Solutions, a service of ArcBest®, offers reliable shipping solutions with a flexible carrier network and in-house freight experts to solve customers’ complex shipping needs. ArcBest (Nasdaq: ARCB), is a multibillion-dollar integrated logistics company that helps keep the global supply chain moving. Founded in 1923 and now with over 14,000 employees across more than 250 campuses and service centers, the company is a logistics powerhouse, fueled by the simple notion of finding a way to get the job done. Through innovative thinking, agility and trust, ArcBest leverages its full suite of shipping and logistics solutions to meet customers’ critical needs, each and every day. For more information, visit and

About Supply & Demand Chain Executive

Supply & Demand Chain Executive is the only supply chain publication covering the entire global supply chain, focusing on trucking, warehousing, packaging, procurement, risk management, professional development and more. Supply & Demand Chain Executive and sister publication Food Logistics are also home to L.I.N.K. and L.I.N.K. Educate podcast channels, L.I.N.K. Live, SCN Summit, and more. Go to to learn more.

MoLo’s Chief Product Officer Jack Twyman has been named a winner of Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s 2022 Pros to Know award! There were more than 360 nominations submitted this year, the most ever in the history of the award—which speaks to the incredible quality of Jack’s leadership at MoLo.

To those who know him, it’s no surprise that Jack is being recognized for an award like this. Throughout his nearly two-year tenure with MoLo, he has demonstrated hard work, resilience, and thoughtful leadership. This was perfectly demonstrated in his shepherding of MoLo onto MasterMind—an entirely new operating platform needed to meet the demands of MoLo’s rapid growth. Not only that, MoLo was the first logistics firm to ever use this new, cutting-edge platform, requiring an extra layer of precision and knowledge during the implementation process.

Throughout the transition, Jack developed processes and tools to help ensure that teams could maintain visibility of volume and activities simultaneously across MasterMind and MoLo’s previous platform. This was all while adapting to life only a few months into a global pandemic, working entirely remote, and still maintaining the first-class level of service MoLo is known for.

“When I look back at past Pros to Know winners, I see a lot of individuals who accomplished a lot of great achievements. But, this year’s winners are reinventing what it means to be a supply chain professional. This year’s winners are intuitive, adaptive and so super smart, and continue to push the envelope when it comes to everything supply chain-related.” – Marina Mayer, Editor-in-Chief of Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine

Since MoLo’s acquisition by ArcBest in November of 2021, Jack has served as the integration lead between the two companies. He sees this process as not only integration between MoLo and ArcBest, but crucially with MoLo’s customers. His philosophy while guiding the transition has been to view it from a customer-by-customer perspective. Looking at where MoLo traditionally has been strong, where ArcBest traditionally has been strong, and how those strengths can complement and best serve both companies’ diverse customer base. 

Jack sees the future of MoLo and ArcBest as much larger than the sum of two individual parts. He sees an incredible opportunity to balance and mesh those two worlds together, creating a truckload brokerage able to service an even broader swath of customers at a level of detail and expertise that is unmatched in the industry. And, in fact, help shape the industry in the process.

Members of Jack’s team describe him as an incredible leader who uses his extensive knowledge of both the logistics industry and the intricacies of business to lead with humility, passion, and integrity—and that he is always considering how decisions that they make are going to impact every person and department at MoLo. 

We could not be prouder to have Jack as part of the MoLo family, as he is the perfect embodiment of a “Pro to Know.”

At MoLo, we’re always driven to provide the best possible service to our customers. Which is why we’re thrilled to be named as one of Isometric Technologies (ISO)’s 2021 Excellence in Service Award winners!

ISO developed a platform that allows shippers and their transportation providers to identify and correct inefficiencies by aggregating performance data into a single place. This first ever award recognizes those who displayed exceptional performance levels in ISO’s system throughout 2021.

“ISO’s innovative platform and technology is what enabled my team, through relentless, hard work, to improve what was already one of the fastest growing accounts at MoLo.” Said Nicole Beer, Customer Operations Manager.

“It is truly an honor to receive ISO’s first-ever Excellence in Service Award—and we look forward to continuing this level of exceptional service for our customers.”

Each week, the MoLo team is able to utilize their system to improve their service scores for our customer and reduce the amount of fines attached to individual shipments. MoLo representatives are scored based on acceptance and overall on time deliveries, and ISO helps calculate the data and display overall scores for carriers. ISO helped Nicole’s team correct their service scores by allowing them to gather intel on whether or not a load was late or missed, and give them the opportunity to utilize supporting evidence to enhance their scores.

“ISO’s 2021 Excellence in Service Award was created to recognize carriers that displayed exceptional performance throughout the year.” Said Brian Cristol, CEO & Co-Founder of Isometric Technologies. “MoLo Solutions has shown exemplary service in 2021; we are honored to partner with them and recognize their position as a leader in the industry.”

We are so honored to have been recognized by ISO, and couldn’t be prouder of our team’s dedicated work that made it happen. In addition to ISO, in 2021 we received awards from Forbes, Inc. Magazine, BuiltIn, the Chicago Tribune, and Crain’s Chicago Business. We gave it our all last year, and we’re just getting started.

The Customer Operations team whose work led to this award are: 

Brendan Sullivan, Account Manager; Cailin Sheehan, Customer Operations Lead; Abbey Parsley, Customer Operations Specialist; Drew Smith, Customer Operations Specialist; Yadira Cardenas, Customer Operations Specialist; Christine Athamanah, Customer Operations Specialist; Katie Dozois, Customer Operations Specialist; Trent Cairns, Customer Operations Representative; and Ellie Birgbauer, Customer Operations Representative

Meet our Q4 MVP: Nashville Office Manager Gabby Murrill!

Gabby is from Mobile, Alabama and has been at MoLo since August of 2021. She loves to go hiking and recently adopted a dog named Honey—who will also be her new hiking buddy!

Her favorite thing about being a part of MoLo is how the entire office feels like a family, and how her job directly impacts those in the office every single day. 

How did you become part of the MoLo family? 

Gabby Murrill: Honestly, this just kind of fell into my lap. I had no idea what MoLo even was, but looking into the company, and the growth, and everything that it was a part of, I was like, “Wow! This seems absolutely amazing, and I would be lucky to be a part of it.” And now I am! 

What does MoLo mean to you? 

Gabby Murrill: MoLo means to me, being driven. I think everybody here does a wonderful job of staying passionate, and it is shown in every area, in everything I’ve ever witnessed—we are just a family that is driven. 

What is something that has surprised you about working at MoLo? 

Gabby Murrill: What surprised me about MoLo, I think is the leadership. I’ve never experienced leadership like this before. They are just very passionate for everyone, and they don’t take credit individually for our success. It’s because of everyone involved in MoLo that we are successful, and it’s so true. 

How does it feel that your co-workers voted you as overall MVP? 

Gabby Murrill: The way I feel about my coworkers voting for me is overwhelming. I’m honored, it’s truly just an overwhelming joy that I’ve done something right to boost the morale here in the Nashville office. 

Meet the latest MoLo MVP, Mike Schmidt! 

As a Manager of Carrier Sales, Mike loves to help sales reps grow and develop in the early stages of their career. For him, watching them succeed is one of the best parts of the job. 

Check out more of what the MoLo family means to Mike! ⤵️

Chicago, Illinois – MoLo Solutions has been named a 2021 Top Workplace by the Chicago Tribune, ranking 13th out of 140 companies and 1st among all other logistics firms.

The award is based entirely on employee feedback gathered through a third-party survey administered by Energage LLC. The anonymous survey measures 15 culture drivers that are critical to the success of any organization. Including alignment, execution, and connection—just to name a few.

“During this very challenging time, Top Workplaces has proven to be a beacon of light for organizations, as well as a sign of resiliency and strong business performance,” said Eric Rubino, Energage CEO. “When you give your employees a voice, you come together to navigate challenges and shape your path forward. Top Workplaces draw on real-time insights into what works best for their organization, so they can make informed decisions that have a positive impact on their people and their business.”

MoLo Solutions is a third-party logistics provider focused on delivering the best experience in the industry—one delivery at a time. MoLo’s service-first approach is matched by a commitment to doing things the right way for both their staff and customers through a dedication to culture, respect, and communication.

“We’ve been the top-ranked logistics company to work for in Chicago for three consecutive years.” Said MoLo Solutions CEO Andrew Silver, “That’s just an incredible feeling given all the great companies in our industry. It speaks to the environment our people have committed to create for one another. We’re excited to keep building on this strong foundation and pushing ourselves to even greater heights.”

Meet today’s MoLo MVP, Nate Kearney! Nate’s favorite part about his role as a Corporate Trainer is helping new members of the MoLo family learn the industry inside and out. “Teaching someone and watching it click, that’s what I live for,” said Nate. Learn more about Nate below! 

What do you love about working at MoLo?    

When I interviewed at MoLo, I came in and I immediately loved the energy. It really changed my perspective about what a freight brokerage could be, and I fell in love instantly. The fact that we actually take care of drivers really changed my perspective on what a freight broker could be. I try to implement those practices as much as I can because I have worked so closely with drivers in the past and I knew what they go through. They’re the lifeblood of the US economy, they keep the US moving.  

What is your favorite aspect of your role as a Corporate Trainer?   

I absolutely love being a Corporate Trainer, I enjoy coming in to work every day. Seeing the lightbulbs go off and watching people succeed once you push them out of the nest. I still have all my old carrier reps come and tell me, “I just hit commission for the first time, thank you for teaching me, or I just booked 200 loads this month, I can’t believe it.” That’s what I live for. Knowing I’ve had some sort of hand in creating that for them, that’s even better. I think MoLo’s core values are extremely important, because at the end of the day, that’s what you build your foundation on, right?  Caring about people, that’s the most important thing. The fact that I get to teach people and help people succeed and have a hand in their success, that’s why I get out of bed every morning.   

How does it feel to be named a MoLo MVP?   

To know that my work is recognized by those who are directly affected by it means more to me than anything. Making a difference in coworkers’ lives is just so rewarding to me, and I truly feel at home here, I feel like this is my family, and it means a lot.