BLM - MoLo

George Floyd Ahmaud Arbery Breonna Taylor Today, we say their names.   These three human beings, and many more, have died because racism is as real as it ever has been.   As humans, we must stand up to racism now.   Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not when it gets more comfortable.   As individuals, we must first look within ourselves and determine that we will empathize with the pain and suffering so many around us have felt their entire lives. Once we make that decision, we must act. We must judge the character of individuals, not on the color of their skin. We must speak up when we see racism in our daily lives. We must protect and support those who have for so long been unprotected and unsupported. We must stand beside the oppressed and make it known we are here with them.   As businesses, we must create an environment where diversity and inclusion are the rule, not the exception. We must provide equal opportunities to people based on talent and effort, not skin color. We must ensure all our people not only can be heard but are encouraged to speak up. We must recognize that our social responsibility implores us to stand against racism of all kinds.   Overnight, we cannot rid our country of systematic racism that has existed for centuries. We have so much work to do, as individuals, as parents, as friends, as business owners, as a society. We need to change the way that people think and have thought for their entire lives. It won’t be with one fell swoop. There is not a grand solution to this problem.   Our ability to influence real change and rid our society of racism is contingent on the masses committing, as individuals, to make small changes in their lives every day. It starts with education. We must educate ourselves on Black history. We must educate ourselves on ways to make a real impact, both short and long term, to improve a broken system.   At MoLo, we’ve strived to create the best environment in the country for logistics professionals from day one. That statement holds regardless of race. We are continually striving to be better, and we will use the current environment as an opportunity to educate ourselves as an organization and as individuals.   The commitment we’ve made to our people is we will, first and foremost, hear them. We will empathize with them. We will do all we can to help them with the resources at our disposal, and live up to the values of our business.   Family. Resilience. Accountability. As a family, we must respect and support one another regardless of race. We must understand the trials and tribulations our people feel every day and fight to make our world better. It will take resilience to fight every day, regardless of how hard or uncomfortable it is. And we must hold one another accountable when we see injustices taking place. By following these guidelines, we can continue to create the best environment for our people.   MoLo was built on love, not hate. That is, and always will be, who we are.   We stand with Black Americans today and always. Black Lives Matter.